Artistic Concept for CANADA at PQ2019
Blurred Borders — Individuality and Interconnection

Placing the display of Canadian designers in the centre of an open, borderless and inviting space, the Canadian National Exhibition explores the relationship between a designer’s individuality and the collaborative nature of their work. Questions of personal identity within a broader social, political and cultural context, as well as subjects of equity, diversity and inclusiveness in our profession and beyond are raised. 

In a much broader sense, the Canadian National Exhibition is a meditation on the theme of transformation. Transformation of an artist within a collective, within society and within their country or state (in these times of global migration), and how a specific environment shapes an artist and their work. Could an artist’s individual voice change the cultural landscape that surrounds them? How malleable are our borders? The Canadian National Exhibition sees borders as points of connection rather than separation. 

The exhibit also aims to examine the influence of modern technology on the development of the performing arts industry, with a special focus on the designer’s process, communication with others and performance design in general. 

You may view the Exhibition Catalogue here: pq2019.designers.ca

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