NAC Agreement

The NAC Agreement is a comprehensive contract and set of standard terms and conditions supported by the Canadian Status of the Artist Act, and developed in conjunction with the National Arts Centre for use on projects which are not part of the English Language Theatre department (which is a member of PACT).  This contract also provides base fees as a starting point for a designer’s negotiation, and provides details of the production schedule and budget, clearly states the responsibilities of both the designer and producer, and upholds designers’ intellectual property rights.   The NAC Agreement also includes specific provisions for the engagement of design assistants and a Design Assistant contract.

The NAC contract is required for all designers engaged by the NAC outside of the programming by the French and English Theatre departments. Non-ADC members are subject to a permittee fee (usually paid by the NAC).

Lighting Design:
Scott Henderson

Set Design:
Brian Perchaluk

Les Miserables, Rainbow Stage.
Photo by Robert Tinker

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