PACT Agreement

The PACT Agreement is a standardized contract and set of accompanying terms achieved in collaboration with the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres. The intention of this Agreement is to provide agreed-upon terms for PACT member companies when beginning negotiations with ADC members.  It clearly sets out parameters for royalties, provides details of the production schedule and budget, makes provision for a residency period, accommodation and travel expenses, clearly states the responsibilities of both the designer and producer, and upholds the designers’ intellectual property rights.  Each design discipline has a separate Schedule to outline the necessary details around budget, crew and gear.

The PACT Agreement must be used by all Regular and Commercial members of PACT when engaging ADC designers, and is supported by a Dispute Resolution Process. 


All ADC members are entitled to use the PACT Agreement when engaged by Regular and Commercial members of PACT. The Agreement is supported by a Dispute Resolution Process.

At the request of PACT, member companies are asked to request copies of the ADC-PACT Agreement and contract template directly from the PACT office.

Lighting Design by Michelle Ramsay. Set & Costume Design by Lindsay Anne Black. Directed by Allyson McMackon. Performer: Lucy Rupert
April 14, 1912, Theatre Rusticle. Photography by Michelle Ramsay

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