MEMORY - The Fragments Exhibit

After the performance is over there are only fragments of design work left - models, drawings, costumes and objects – which become capsules filled with the essence of their time, are part of important memories, and help us understand the complex currents of here and now.  

Fragments will be an exhibition of models, costumes and objects designed by the living legends of performance design. The curator for each participating country or region will select one design object showing the most iconic or breakthrough set, costume, lighting, projection or sound design, by one of their most celebrated designers, whose work continues to inspire new generations of artists and audiences.


These designs are the essence of their environment and reflect their socio-political era, created by artists who are masters of their craft and have become a beacon of the profession for their life achievements.


By placing these objects among the statuary of the National Museum Lapidary, PQ gives these visionary artist's work recognition as treasured artifacts significant to the history and development of modern world culture.

More information about this exhibit and Canada's selected work will be available shortly.

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