Artistic Concept for the Overall PQ2019 Exhibit

From the International Organizers of the Prague Quadrennial:


The 2019 edition of the Prague Quadrennial is inspired by PQ's highest prize, the Golden Triga: Three different forces coming together to pull the chariot driven by Nike, the goddess of victory, stand proudly atop the roof of the National Theatre, reminding all that creating performance is an act of collaboration where all talents combine their strengths to achieve much more than any individual could ever accomplish alone. The three horses pulling the chariot symbolize the three stages of human life: youth's wild instinct and intuition, the experience of adulthood, and the wisdom of age.

PQ2019 uses the metaphor of the Golden Triga to explore these points of view, three areas connected with the cyclical phases of the creative process: Transformation (National Exhibit), Imagination (Student & Emerging Designers Exhibit), and Memory (Fragments Exhibit).

Overview of the TRANSFORMATION Exhibit as a Whole:

The National Exhibit of Countries and Regions is a Competitive Exhibition: Each participating country or region strives to capture the essence of current trends reflecting contemporary views, thoughts, and artistic developments in performance design. The exhibition focuses on works realized in the past six years in theatres, or other sites adapted by scenographic means.

Key Concepts:

The world is rapidly changing; individual and collective identity, cultural differences, fast-paced movement across variety of borders, and a constant reframing of realities are woven through our thoughts and our lives. The tensions between national and international, local and global are rising in many parts of the world and the threshold between what is familiar and the perceived "other" is going through a complex evolution which brings both uncertainty and new creative energy.

Performance design has the ability to take us across the language barriers and diminish borders between both imaginary and physical spaces. Throughout The Exhibition of Countries and Regions, emotions reverberate through the material environments created for performance, as we tell a story of what we feel in the here and now.

In performance design every visual choice – the human body, every object, sound, structure, light, costume, every audience member – plays an important role in the overall structure of its complex emotional composition. Each scenographic universe is orchestrated to stimulate the participant's mind, engage the imagination, and create a memorable experience. In the same way, this exhibition is not meant to be passively viewed, but actively experienced.

The exhibition presents a scenographic urban landscape containing blurred lines of distinct places offering unique experiences. This spatial concept encourages an environment where every element has meaning, collaboration is essential, and experiences spark dialogues of local actions and global trends.

Visit the PQ2019 website for more information on the Exhibition of Countries and Regions: 


Concept for Canada Exhibit: Blurred Borders; Individuality and Interconnection

TRANSFORMATION - The National Exhibit of Countries & Regions
IMAGINATION - The Student & Emerging Designer Exhibit

The PQ2019 Student/Emerging Designer Exhibition offers a peek into the boundless imagination of young, creative minds. It shows some of the most inspiring ideas of performance design that might otherwise stay hidden away in designer's portfolios never to be realized or seen by anyone. The beginning utopian sketches, thoughts, and objects not only bring new perspectives and inspire, but also often become the foundation of important future design work.

The Student Exhibition presents striking work of emerging designers that present brave new ideas, stimulate the imagination, and provoke strong reactions. This exhibition will not only include work of current students, but also work of emerging designers up to 5 years after graduation.

After the performance is over there are only fragments of design work left - models, drawings, costumes and objects – which become capsules filled with the essence of their time, are part of important memories, and help us understand the complex currents of here and now.  

Fragments will be an exhibition of models, costumes and objects designed by the living legends of performance design. The curator for each participating country or region will select one design object showing the most iconic or breakthrough set, costume, lighting, projection or sound design, by one of their most celebrated designers, whose work continues to inspire new generations of artists and audiences.


These designs are the essence of their environment and reflect their socio-political era, created by artists who are masters of their craft and have become a beacon of the profession for their life achievements.


By placing these objects among the statuary of the National Museum Lapidary, PQ gives these visionary artist's work recognition as treasured artifacts significant to the history and development of modern world culture.

More information about this exhibit and Canada's selected work will be available shortly.

MEMORY - The Fragments Exhibit

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