Statement from the Board of Directors

June 10, 2020


In the early hours of Sunday morning, allegations of past statements made by a member of our Board of Directors were brought to our attention. We take this seriously, and acted immediately to respond to them. On Tuesday evening, we accepted the resignation of that member of the Board of Directors. 


The ADC affirms that diversity and inclusiveness are paramount, and such statements do not uphold these values. Serving on the Board of Directors for a national arts service organization is a privilege, and also a responsibility. We believe it is vital for leaders in our organization to hold themselves to the highest standard. 


Artistry is borne out of a person’s lived experiences. QTBIPOC communities have been, and continue to be, underrepresented in the creative teams of Canadian theatre. We commit ourselves to creating space and opportunity for these voices among our collaborators. 


We have increasingly made it our focus, as a representative voice of designers in Canada, to support all designers in the country regardless of their membership. We vow, in this moment, that diversity and inclusiveness must play a more central role in our advocacy.


We are, and continue to be, open to any and all suggestions and dialogue from the design community. It is our commitment to better represent the design community in Canada by ensuring there are BIPOC voices on our Board going forward.


The ADC has a statement of principles:

ADC is committed to working with the entire live performing arts community to ensure that our members, and all who work in this industry, do so in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment. All our spaces must be free of harassment, bullying, and intimidation. No other standard is acceptable.


Ken MacKenzie, President

Kimberly Purtell, Vice-President

Simon Rossiter, Secretary/Treasurer

Mishelle Cuttler, Director

Richard Feren, Director

Ian Garrett, Director

T. Erin Gruber, Director

Conor Moore, Director

Michelle Ramsay, Director

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