The Time Keeping Project



1. We are also seeking data about design time spent on REMOUNTS.
If the production on which you are working is a remount, please add the word "-Remount" to the "Name of Production" field in the form below.

2. Designers who wish to report on more than one production for the study are welcome to do so. Please send the details requested below for each of the productions you'd like to include (ie fill out the form and submit it once for each production). We'll set up your Toggl account for you with multiple production options predefined.

ADC would like some conclusive data on how much time designing a show really takes. We are asking designers to choose a single design discipline and track the hours spent on designing their next live show of the season.  For your convenience, we have adapted an existing app specifically for this task. 

THE APP (aka:Toggl)

Toggl is a FREE simple time-tracking app that works on desktop or mobile (iphone, android, Windows, MAC and Linux). You can track  activities in real time using a timer or add your time manually (for example, if you forget to turn the timer on or if you want to add any time already spent on a project) 

When you sign up to participate in our time keeping project, the ADC office will  set up an account for you with a unique username and all the task categories pre-loaded. We’ll send you more detailed instructions on how to use the app at that time – but don’t worry, it’s really intuitive and easy to use.  Also, no one else in the study will be able to see your specific hours – and we will strip names and productions before sharing the data with anyone.   

With so much of a designer's work conducted away from the theatre and rehearsal hall, we think this data will be illuminating both for our organization and perhaps to individual designers too. 
Step 1: Sign up to participate via the form below. You will need to provide:

  • Your name

  • Your affiliation (ADC or independent)

  • Which design discipline you will be tracking for the project (please choose only ONE of Set, Costume, Lighting, Projection, Sound)

  • The producing company

  • The name of the production

  • The venue in which the production is taking place

  • The company category, if known.

  • Your cell number (so we can set up and verify your Toggl account)

Step 2: We will set up a free Toggl account for you. You will receive a verification code texted to your phone, which you must forward to us right away via email. We will then complete the account setup and forward your username and password to you.  We’ll also send instructions for how to use the app.

Step 3: Start tracking your time!  Please don’t make changes to the tasks we preload for you, and don’t add any tasks – it will mess up the consistency of the data. If you have any problems,  just contact us and we can walk you through whatever difficulties you’re having.

Step 4: When you finish your show, LET US KNOW! We’ll download your information and add it to our data pool.

(Note: if you would prefer to track your time manually using a spreadsheet, you can download it here and email it to us once your production is complete. Please track your time in minutes using ONLY the tasks we provide as a framework.)

If you have any questions, please email the Time Keeping Project at

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